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I am looking for Fabric Care Information

General Fabric care instructions are sent out with the order itself though generally all wool items must be dry cleaned only, cotton and cotton blends can be machine washed in cold water though we recommend hand washing for durability and pure silk or silk blends should be hand washed or dry cleaned only.
No item should have a hot iron applied directly but should always have a white linen cloth between the iron and the custom garment or better still, should be ironed from the reverse side or steam pressed. Only use very hot irons for pressing pure cotton cloth.
We also recommend natural drying over machine drying and hand wash over machine wash for all our cotton and cotton blend products.
Dry clean only and steam press for our wool or silk products. This is valid for all fabric classes and types per the indications provided.
If you have stains on your suits, other than having them cleaned by professional dry cleaners, here are a few ´quick fixes´ you can try:
Lipstick - Use hot water to rub off the oil base, then use soap to wash off
Alcohol - Breathe tobacco smoke on it to prevent rings from forming, then wash off with hot water or rubbing alcohol
Blood - Rub off with hydrogen peroxide
Ball Pen - Use petrol to rub off stain, then wash off with soap
Chewing Gum - Do not attempt to peel it off as it will stick deeper into fabric fibre. Put ice on it to solidify the gum. then peel it off when it gets hard.
Drinks - Use diluted vinegar to wash it off
Soy Sauce - Rub off with ginger juice
Shoe Polish - Rub off with petrol
Coffee - Rub off with hot water, then wash off with soap
Mercurochrome - Wash off with diluted vinegar
Rust - Rub off with lemon
Perfume Stain - Rub off gently with rubbing alcohol

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