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What is the Turnaround Time at

It takes around 7 to 10 working days to complete an order provided all the information required has been provided and four to six working days for transit. Our Logistics are managed by International couriers for express worldwide safe and fast door to door delivery. The order can be tracked online via the MyAccounts section of our website after the package has been shipped.
For Resellers, depending on availability, swatch sets if ordered, may take longer since if new sets are being prepared, the labour intensive project might take longer than the week to ten days standard turnaround time to complete. Exact schedules for swatch sets to resellers can only be confirmed on a case by case basis.
If fabric swatches or our Digital Catalogue are ordered, the swatches or catalogue are prepared in around three working days and shipped according to the indicated preference when submitting the swatch/catalogue requisition request.
If swatches or the catalogue are shipped by courier, delivery is in three to four working days. If however, the swatches or catalogue are ordered to be shipped by airmail, it can take four to six weeks for delivery. Regretfully no tracking facility is available to track swatch request orders that are airmailed. Couriered swatches or catalogues can be traced via the MyAccounts section as one would track custom clothing orders.
We however to send out constant updates to the progress of the orders and as soon as orders are processed, an expected dispatch date is indicated via email.
To track packages please use the tracking facility provided in the MyAccounts section in the current order details page.
In regards to the Estimated Dispatch Date, the estimated dispatch date is displayed in the MyAccounts section where your order is listed. This is the date we believe your order will be shipped depending on the current volumes of work we have on hand. However, as noted, this is but an estimated date and not an absolute date. On most instances, we are able to ship orders much before the estimated dispatch date displayed, however there can be instances when the order dispatch is delayed due to delays in order completion. Such delays can be due to fabric availability issues, delays in payment processing for the order, fabric delivery delay from our suppliers or as is the case in most instances, due to extremely specific, complicated or detailed features of the order or parts of the order. Delay can be expected if there are features in the garment that go beyond the usual details in our custom garments or if there are styling features that need additional work to incorporate. Delays can also occur if incomplete or incomprehensive information has been received in regards to an order or if there has been delays in responses received from you if we have asked for any clarifications or explanations in regards to the order. We do try our best and succeed in 99% of the time to ship orders within the estimated dispatch date specified for your order. Should an order be needed before the estimated dispatch date, please feel free to Contact us with the order number(s) and the required delivery date of the order so that we can upgrade your order to priority processing for a small fee as noted in the Priority Processing information in the FAQ sections of our site. Please note that delay of maximum of a week counted from the estimated dispatch date may be experienced during the month of April due to the annual Thai New Year Holidays.

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