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21)   Do you do removable collar stays on shirts?
22)   What is the difference between ready to wear/off the peg and Made to Measure and full Bespoke Suits?
23)   What about Big and Tall sizes?
24)   What is cotton? What are its uses?
25)   Can you make a custom piece of clothing from an image I send to you?
26)   I have a large group of people that I would like to order for. Can I get a discount?
27)   How long after an order is shipped do I receive it? Can I choose who to ship with?
28)   What are the Standards of MySuitShop.com?
29)   What are the Payment Options for my custom order?
30)   I would like to order a Suit/Shirt in White/Cream/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Orange or in a colour not shown here . How do I do so ? What Fabric is best for such a garment?

  • Do you do removable collar stays on shirts? Per our standard production specs, all our shirts have permanent collar stays in them unless they are mandarin, Chinese, wingtip, hidden button down or button down collars. This is because in the former three styles, collar stays are not required due to there being no collars but just neck bands and in the latter two cases, the hidden buttons and the button down collars make collar stays redundant. We can also include removable collar stays in the shirts if so desired and preference of removable or permanent stays can be indicated in the special request section of the order placement process. This section comes up after the fabric and the style and colour of the shirts have been selected. [Top]

  • What is the difference between ready to wear/off the peg and Made to Measure and full Bespoke Suits? The perfect answer has been given at The English Cut and we replicate this here verbatim..

    If you can not afford bespoke...
    I happen to believe that a bespoke suit is worth its high asking price, or else I would not bother selling them. They look better, they fit better, and they last years longer than their competition. It is really that simple.
    Even so, £2000 [about $4000 USD, at time of writing] is a lot of money, let us not kid ourselves.
    Luckily for suit lovers everywhere, with modern technology there are now some really good ready-to-wear, manufactured suits being made, starting at only a few hundred pounds. Fifty years ago, suits that were both good and cheap did not exist. The tech simply was not there.
    So regardless of your budget, you have a lot of options. Here is the basic hierarchy to consider:

    1. A totally machine made, off-the-peg suit.
    These cost around £100 to £600. The production systems for these is so slick, a suit is literally made in minutes. My first boss, Mike Wigglesworth of Redmayne once very kindly took me to visit a clothing factory to witness this mechanization. What sticks in my mind the most about that day, apart from the disconcerting efficiency of the machines, was the fact that designer-label brands were coming off the same production line as the “apparently” far less exclusive makes, such as Marks & Spencer (For the money, the British high street retailer, Marks & Spencer makes as good a suit as anyone. I rate them highly.
    With machine-made, all manufacturers have pattern designers who create a basic pattern which, in “their” interpretation, would fit most people. So what you’ve got to do is be guided by the fit and the feel of a jacket around the neck and shoulders. Make this your priority.
    If you’re in-between sizes, get the larger size and pay a high street alteration tailor £20-£30 to have it taken in or whatever. Don’t fool yourself that just because it is a Hugo Boss or Armani it’s a better fit than than the Marks & Spencer. Does not work that way. Forget the cost, just be honest with yourself. Like I said, pay attention round the neck and shoulders.
    2. Made-to-measure.
    Not to be confused with "bespoke". What you are getting is the same machine-made as Number One, but the basic pattern will have slight alterations made at the factory to improve the overall fit. Expect to pay anywhere between £450 to £800. You will also get more possibilities to personalize the suit, pocket details, style etc.
    Bear in mind the guy who measures you may only have been in the job for a few weeks, or even a few hours. He’s only running a tape around you and ticking style boxes on the order form. So don’t expect miracles.
    There are high street chains that offer this service, and even proper tailors as well. A.J. Hewitt, an excellent tailor, is a good example. The principals, Tony Hewitt and Ravi the Tailor (yes, his real name) offer true bespoke that is up there with the best. However they also offer made-to-measure. This in no way compromises their bespoke suits, they’re just simply allowing their customers the option of only climbing halfway up the sartorial ladder.
    Ultimately with made-to-measure, your suit is at the mercy of the manufacturer. But at least with having an experienced cutter like Tony or Ravi to measure you, there is far less chance of disappointment.
    3. Hand Made Off-the-peg.
    These are made by hand, and yes, the quality is generally very high. But it is still an assembly line. It is just using humans instead of machines, cutting from generic, standardised patterns, not your own individual measurements.
    Yes, the button holes will be hand-sewn, just like "bespoke". Yes, your coat will be made with a "floating" canvas, just like bespoke. But the assembly line will still be cranking out twenty five "Size 40s" in a single shift, unlike bespoke.
    That being said, it is still quality stuff. And you can order the suit in the morning, and be wearing it by the afternoon. The fit will not be half bad, either. [Top]

  • What about Big and Tall sizes? We welcome Big and Tall sizes as well as odd sizes, wheelchair fits and hard to fit physiques. Please use the Big and Tall collections linked from the left menu above to view our Big and Tall collections. If ordering big and tall or wheelchair fits, we would prefer images of the front, back and side silhouettes to correctly proportion the custom piece. To send the images, please send them in JPEG format which ends in the extension .jpg and is of no larger than 50 kb in size.
    For Men - Height 5 ft 11 inch and above or Chest 46 and above is Big and Tall.
    For women – Height 5 ft 10 inch and above of size 12 and above is Large sizes.
    Should an order be placed in regular sizing categories and it is found that the sizing is actually big and tall or large sizes, the price differential will automatically be added to the order totals upon processing of the order. [Top]

  • What is cotton? What are its uses? COTTON - cool, soft, comfortable is the principal clothing fiber of the world.
    Its production is one of the major factors in world prosperity and economic stability.
    Cotton "breathes". What would we do without cotton? Since cotton wrinkles, polyester was added to give it wash and wear properties for a busy world. In recent times, the consumer determined that polyester, although easier to care for, took away the cool from cotton and also added a "pilling" effect to cotton/polyester blends.
    Consumers now often request "100% Cotton". Permanent finishes also added to the all cotton fabric gave a wash and wear property to cotton. cotton. The cotton fiber is from the cotton plant´s seed pod The fiber is hollow in the center and, under a microscope looks like a twisted ribbon. "Absorbent" cotton will retain 24-27 times its own weight in water and is stronger when wet than dry. This fiber absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, thus allowing the fabric to "breathe".
    Cotton can stand high temperatures and takes dyes easily. Chlorine bleach can be used to restore white garments to a clear white but this bleach may yellow chemically finished cottons or remove color in dyed cottons.
    Boiling and sterilizing temperatures can also be used on cotton without disintegration. Cotton can also be ironed at relatively high temperatures, stands up to abrasion and wears well.
    Mercerized cotton is treated to permanently straighten the cotton fibers which then becomes a smooth, rod-like fiber that is uniform in appearance with a high luster. Cotton is often blended with other fibers such as polyester, linen, wool, to "blend" the best properties of each fiber. [Top]

  • Can you make a custom piece of clothing from an image I send to you? We are glad to inform you that we can custom make to measure a piece of clothing as per the specific style you would like to email us an image of. Please email the image in JPEG format that ends with the extension .jpg and please ensure that the size of the image is not more than 50 kilobytes. Alternatively, you might like to email us a link to an online image as well. This can be sent to mysuitmaker@mysuitshop.com along with your customer ID and/or order ID. [Top]

  • I have a large group of people that I would like to order for. Can I get a discount? We are more than happy to offer a substantial discount and very competitive prices for orders that are placed for a large group of people.
    This could be in instances when all the individuals at your workplace would like to place an order, or instances where a social group you belong to, such as a church choir, would like to place a collective order or even instances such as when a group of people wish to dress alike for an occassion such as in weddings.
    For us to be able to offer a price quote for your consideration, kindly Email us the following information -
    a) The total number of individuals you wish to place orders for.
    b) The total number of garments you wish to order.
    c) The fabric number (as shown in our Fabrics List) page that you wish to order from.
    d) The styles of each of the garments you wish to order.
    e) The colours that the garments are to be in.
    f) The delivery deadline you wish us to work with.
    g) The proposed date you wish to proceed with the orders.
    h) The proposed price target you would like to work with.
    i) Whether you wish us to make a consolidated shipment of the whole order or whether you wish each individual´s order to be shipped directly to the individual.
    Having this pertinent information will allow us to tailor an offer to your requirements and budget.
    You can also use our Wedding Orders Form to get great discounts for orders for your wedding party. Styles, fabrics, colours and a host of customizations can be used to personalize the wardrobe for your marriage entourage! [Top]

  • How long after an order is shipped do I receive it? Can I choose who to ship with? All our shipments are by International couriers for safe and fast door to door delivery. We do not use International airmail or surface mail for our order deliveries.
    Typically, one would expect to receive the package in 3 to 5 business days from the day the order has been shipped.
    We do allow you to choose who you prefer as your shipper of choice. However, your preference is taken as one of the factors in deciding how the order is to be delivered to you. Other factors that come into play are speed of deliveries to your location, costs of deliveries to your specific area, the effeciency of order dispatch at the time the shipper is chosen for delivery among others. The ultimate carrier is selected based on time scales, delivery schedules, cost analysis and other incidental issues that may be pertinent to your location of delivery.
    Please note that should no preferred carrier be selected during order placement, rest assured that we will select the most ideal carrier for your delivery.
    Should multiple orders having been placed, different shippers selected with each order, we will automatically select the most ideal courier for the purpose of making a single consolidated shipment of all your orders.
    Delivery: You may be asked to sign a release upon delivery of the Custom Garment, acknowledging that you have received the Custom Garment. Changes to the Custom Garment after that date are considered alterations and may be charged accordingly depending on the adjustment required. Once the Custom Garment leaves our facility, we are not responsible for any further additions, changes, or alterations to the Custom Garment, whether they are made accidentally or intentionally by you or by other parties. [Top]

  • What are the Standards of MySuitShop.com? We at MySuitShop maintain a high standard of QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP with dedication to customer service. Click Here to find out more about our standards. [Top]

  • What are the Payment Options for my custom order? In order to assist you as much as possible in making payment submission as easy as possible, we accept payment by most modern methods. Upon completion of your order, you will automatically be taken to the correct payments page depending on the payment option you select.
    Our resellers and Franchisees have payment options customized to their individual situations on a case by case basis.
    Among others, we accept payment by bank to bank transfers, by certified cashiers/bankers cheques, by third party transfers such as via western union and most popularly, via our secure online payment forms using all major credit and debit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express via our online system and Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express as well as echecks via Paypal. [Top]

  • I would like to order a Suit/Shirt in White/Cream/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Orange or in a colour not shown here . How do I do so ? What Fabric is best for such a garment? We are glad to confirm that it is possible to have a suit/shirt/Tuxedo or even a coat, custom made in white/Cream/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Orange or in any other colour currently not displayed at our website.
    We recommend for example, fabrics such as 119, 128, 120, 116, 1011 and other silks and linens as ideal for a custom garment in unusual colours.
    The fabric search function on the left menu can be used to type in the word " silk " or " linen " without the quote marks to do a quick search for all the materials with unusual colours for your custom garment. If the specific colour you are looking for, is not found at our site, please email us us with the colour requirement so that we can source it for your particular order from our suppliers.
    If a white/offwhite/cream/ivory/other colour suit or shirt is required in any of the fabrics, and this colour/colors is not be displayed in the colour palette when choosing the fabric, rest assured that it can be easily sourced from our suppliers.
    In the case of white/offwhite/cream/ivory colours for example, please proceed to the appropriate category or collection and select the item you would like to have made. Then select the style you like and on the subsequent page, please select the fabric you wish us to use. Then, for the sake of order placement, Select any colour from the palette if you dont see a white/offwhite/cream/ivory or your prefered colour available and click on the order button to add to your shopping cart. The next page will bring up the special request sections where in the appropriate field, the colour you would prefer, such as a white/offwhite/cream/ivory can be indicated.
    All the styles displayed in each of the collections can be made in white/offwhite/cream/ivory per your choice provided the selected fabric has it in stock in our inventory or with our suppliers. Should we find your preferred colour not available, Rest assured, we will be emailing you for advice or instructions.
    We will then use your instructions to ignore the selected colour and use the required colour for your custom made garment. [Top]


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