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Contrast is a feeling of distinct differences, the opposition of things for the
purpose of showing unlikeness. Contrast accents the differences, and focuses
on where the differences occur.
   1. The thickness, direction, space and shape of the contrast complement
       the design of the garment and the size and shape of the wearer.
   2.  When pattern or texture is used to create contrast, it complements the
       size and shape of the wearer.
   3. If color contrast is used, the focal point created enhances the wearer.
Emphasis is the creation of a focal point, the most important center of
interest with all others being subordinate and supportive.
   1. The line, thickness and direction of the emphasis complement the
       design of the garment and the size and shape of the wearer.
   2. The shape, form, space and position of the emphasis on the garment
       complement the wearer.
   3. The color emphasis creates visual ease.
   4. If a pattern or texture is used, it is compatible with the size and shape
       of the wearer.


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